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    Brian from MegaTyre

    Thanks to CurvePress for your great service! A few weeks ago some guy came into my shop saying his company was an east coast based website specialist specializing in tuning up websites. People like this approach me all the time, though it is usually by phone from India! Normally I say no … [Read More...]

    Peter from NeedAChef

    We have been doing work for Chef Peter Cooke for many years already, even before CurvePress existed. Peter's website is Need A Chef. When CurvePress first came to be, Peter quickly left a couple of comments here.  Here is what Chef Peter had to say: Bob I want to be your first online student for … [Read More...]

    Tom Nixon

    I have been working with Tom Nixon for a number of years now.  I recently received a testimonial from Tom.  Here is what he said: Since 2007, I have operated Best Online High Schools, the premier source for information about online high schools. In the early years, I had a number of different … [Read More...]

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